Well it was bound to happen when you’re a scenester and run in scenester circles, but Jordyn Woods has come face-to-face with a Kardashian-Jenner at — you guessed it — ultimate scene mecca, Coachella. Apparently, the shamed former family pal ran into Kendall Jenner at the festival and by all accounts it was as awkward as hell.

An eagle-eyed punter at the Bootsy Bellows Pool Party told the gossip-mongers at HollywoodLife that Jordyn came to the shindig with Jaden Smith and his gf Odessa Adlon, hanging out for about 20 min until her (former?) bestie Kylie Jenner‘s older sister Kenny arrived with Hailey Bieber.

According to the source, it “really seemed that it was just too much for Jordyn”, who aapprently hightailed it outta there as soon as the pair showed up.

The girls ended up being sat at the cabana next to them having fun. Neither party attempted to speak to the other nor pay any attention to what the other was doing, and Jaden had left the cabana to wander around the party, but it was obvious that Jordyn felt uncomfortable and left within five minutes of the girls arriving.

Yikes. We all know that feeling — the standoff of not breaking the ice with a simple “Hiii”, so then one of you is forced to escape. It makes me cringe just thinking about it but also I wish I had been there to witness just how uncomfortable it really was.

Jordyn of course landed herself in hot water after confessing to kissing Khloe Kardashian‘s partner Tristan Thompson back in March, and has seemingly been ex-communicated from the Kardashian Klan.

Formerly, she was the live-in best mate of Kylie Jenner, so it’s little wonder she didn’t want to approach Kendall.