Even with just two feature films under his belt thus far, if anything lobs in front of you with the name Jordan Peele attached to it, it’s probably gonna be worth a watch. To wit, Amazon Prime officials have unfurled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Nazi-murdering series Hunters, and it honestly looks like a right old time.

The series, set in New York City in 1977, follows a “diverse band of Nazi hunters” who have discovered scores of high-ranking Nazi officials living among the public, who are all conspiring to establish a Fourth Reich in the United States.

Peele is attached to the project as an executive producer, and the cast is headed up by the incomparable Al Pacino, who is featured heavily in the trailer which dropped earlier this morning.

It looks good, mates. It looks real, real, real good.

Honestly, sign me the hell up right bloody now. That looks tight.

The extended cast also features the likes of Logan LermanKate MulvaneyTiffany BooneCarol Kane, and Josh Radnor pulling one hell of a Marc Maron impression with the thick mo and the printed collared shirt.

The series is the brainchild of creator David Weil, whose previous work includes a re-write of the Bird Box script for Netflix, and a yet-to-be-produced feature script co-developed with Darren Aronofsky, the details of which are reportedly being kept under unusually tight lock and key.

No word on any specific release date is available at present, but expect Hunters to land on Amazon Prime at some point in 2020.