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World, meet Jonty Knight.

The non-binary creative has jumped on Dell’s XPS Studio campaign to produce a piece of art that is stunning.

Working alongside Cloudy Rhodes who served as a mentor, Jonty put their blood, sweat and tears into the documentary, and the result looks like it should hang in a museum. I’m contemplating taking screenshots and calling the Louvre, I just want to talk to them.

(Do you reckon the Louvre would actually have someone at a desk answering enquiries? How did Beyoncé get in there? Does anyone have Beyoncé’s number? I just want to talk to her.)

The entire video is dedicated to the theme of self-expression, so Jonty was given free reigns to produce whatever they thought reflected who they are most accurately, and heavens to Betsy did it deliver.

“My creative process – I like to allow the most authentic and raw ideas to sprout directly from my mind,” Jonty explains. “I don’t find it very beneficial to look for inspiration first because I don’t want that to hinder my vision at all.”

“I wanted to create a project that elevates and uplifts, you know, focuses on pride and joy rather than focusing on struggle. The Dell XPS really helped me with all of the mood boarding, sourcing inspiration, putting things together – it’s just been a blessing.”

Watch the video above and after you’ve done that, sit there and mull over Jonty’s words of wisdom: “The advice I would give to my community is that power and strength is in our resilience, continue to live unapologetically – spread love.”

“Us coming together is the most important thing and we can do so much and we’re going to change so much, so keep your head up and get it done.”

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Image: Supplied