The Jonas Brothers Recreated Kim K’s “Don’t Be Fucking Rude” Fight & Oh Wow, Art

Jonas Brothers

Sometimes I forget the Jonas Brothers actually reunited – it’s surreal, if you know what I mean. It brings me back to a chaotic yet nostalgic time in life when my days were full of Jonas Brothers sketches on repeat. You know the ones. So you can imagine my bloody reaction when the siblings did another one, this time recreating the Kardashian‘s “Don’t be fucking rude” fight from a million years ago.

[jwplayer sUTzE8us]

If you’re not too familiar with the “Don’t be fucking rude” clip, it was way before Kim was Kim. I – uh, let’s just watch it.

Yes, Kim whacked Khloé with her designer purse and years later, it became a big ol’ meme. From memory, it was because Kim was going to get a Bentley and Khloé and Kourt weren’t very excited for her / bitched behind her back and Kim found out. Cue the purse-whacking.

In the Jonas’s re-enactment, Joe stars as Kim, Nick as Khloé, and Kevin as Kourtney. They even dubbed the voices over it, which just shows the level of commitment to art. 

Kim loved it so much she re-tweeted it. Voila.

I needed a dumb giggle on Hump Day and this, this is it. Kevin’s bit gets me every single time.

Re-enactment aside, the Jonas Brothers will be releasing their new tune What A Man Gotta Do this Friday, along with its music video. The song is the band’s first release of the new year, following their comeback album Happiness Begins.