Jonah Hill & Zoë Kravitz Are Out Here Looking Like My Hot Goth Parents & The Internet Trembleth

jonah hill zoe kravitz the row photos

Jonah Hill has stepped out again with new photos where’s he’s damn near unrecognisable, firmly planting himself in the realms of Hot Art Collector Crush and nudging my internal dial from ‘hmm handsome’ to ‘horny on main’. I’m not the only one here, the internet agrees.

He posted a photo with follow impossibly-attractive human Zoë Kravitz, while they’ve been doing some modelling work for (or at least wearing) The Row – that’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s label, by the way. It’s got some real Hot Goth Summer energies and it’s extremely my vibe, as someone who’s just gone from Hot Goth Summer to Snug Goth Winter.

Zoë posted on her Instagram as well, tagging in The Row and Jonah (like he’s some kind of fashionable accessory, I love it) and I truly love my hot parents so much. Such a blessing. Mom and Dad, stunning.

I just… I need to take a moment, and a shower, and a lap around the block. It’s Just! So! Hot!!

Like, both of them could leave me on read and I’d thank them for even opening my DM. They could tell me I looked like trash and I’d happily climb into the nearest bin. Both Jonah and Zoë are welcome to live rent free in my mind, no bills, no lease, no worries.

I’m not the only one getting all worked up about how gorgeous this pair look in neutrals and tonal shades, either. Twitter has had a moment, and I have no choice but to sit with them in their feelings. I feel it too, like a deep thrumming in my soul.

Yes. Yes!! Let me join your coven, or your cult, or whatever all this is. Whatever you’re selling, I’m buying. Is this a psy-op for MK&A? I don’t care. Clear out my bank account, take it all.

That’s it. That’s the story. Happy Wednesday.