Jonah Hill’s Directing Debut Looks A *Lot* Like ‘Lords Of Dogtown’ But 90s

For those of us who spent their childhoods and early teen years tearing around on bikes and skateboards in the 1990s with minimal fucks to give, the writing/directorial debut from Jonah Hill (you’d know him from Superbad and Wolf Of Wall St) is gunna be right up your alley.

[jwplayer wdPM27I5]

Mid90s is looking like a coming-of-age drama/comedy, focusing in on Stevie; a young punk-ass skater navigating skate culture, being a younger child with an intense older brother, girls, homelessness, and generally doing stuff without a parent around.

The whole thing literally looks like a bit of a 90s version of Lords Of Dogtown but less about skating competitions and more about identity and finding your place in the world during the 90s, a weird grey time where civil unrest was bubbling just below the surface.

From the first official trailer, it also looks like Mid90s has been almost exclusively shot on a tape camcorder (which definitely still exist because I saw someone using one in Hobart last month) and 35mm film, which gives it that very flat yet nostalgic 90s vibe. Between that and the fact that nobody’s got their nose buried in a smartphone, it’s going to dredge up some serious vibes of “holy shit life was so good before the new millennium”.

Check out the trailer below, and keep your ears out for the film’s release later this year.