Join Us For ‘The Voice’ Premiere This Sunday Night

This Sunday night, if you can tear yourself away from One Direction at The Logies, join us for the premiere of Channel Nine’s new singing contest The Voice.

I’ll be live blogging during the first episode and would love you to join me in a blow-by-blow break down of what should be a sensational night of “event television”. The show has all the right ingredients for a reality tv hit, including a BEAUTIFUL BLIND GIRL with the voice of a nightingale and annoying wannabe-Cher-with-no-gay-appeal Delta Goodrem covering the vital reality tv mantle of Person On The Show You’ll Love To Hate.

I’m totally looking forward to being one of those fuckwits who watch this show and can’t stop? crying the whole time. The Voice starts this Sunday April 15 at 6.30pm on Channel Nine. Join us on the journey…