John Oliver Tells SMH: “Tony Abbott Is A Car Crash Of A Human Being”

Praise be to John Oliver: the voice of reason, logic and whose commentaries occasionally make Australia and our policies look good. 

In between delivering flawless smackdowns on beauty pageants and the pharmaceutical industry alike, John Oliver has sat down with The Sydney Morning Herald to donate his own 2 cents on the leader of our fine nation, Tony Abbott.

You’ll remember, of course, that Tony Abbott has already been the brunt of Oliver’s dry wit, as he featured on Last Week Tonight back in June last year. In that segment, Oliver described Abbott as someone who has, “personally insulted everyone else in the country, from women to gays to anyone remotely Irish to elderly cancer-ridden phone sex workers.” 

Today, an interview with SMH has only elevated Oliver’s perspective on Abbott further, as he told the Herald that Abbott’s days are surely numbered following a narrow leadership spill: “It’s like watching a truck jack-knife on a road, it’s like, ‘It didn’t crash this time. Let’s give it five minutes, then it’s going into a ditch’.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. He went on, “Tony Abbott is an objectively fascinating man. The fact he’s the leader of a country is in itself appealing as a comic. What’s nice is being able to present someone who people have not seen here [in the US] and just to give them a glimpse into other people’s pain, as well as their own.” 

Oliver talks John Howard, leaving his post on The Daily Show and his wife in SMH’s interview over here. On visiting Australia, Oliver says: “I think one of the reasons I felt so comfortable in Australia is because I like the underdog mentality, because it means that you’re punching up all the time.”

If you managed to miss it, here’s Last Week Tonight’s “President of The USA of Australia” segment from last year:

Via SMH.
Lead image by Frederick M Brown via Getty.