While I’m sure some folks in the radius surrounding Beverly Hills are waking up this morning with hangovers and other various party-related dustiness – or maybe they never made it to bed – Joey King woke up with an absolute corker of a Golden Globes souvenir.

The 20-year-old actress tweeted this morning from bed, where she shared two photos of her bruised bonce. One picture from the night before at the Globes or a Globe-associated soirée, and one from this morning to show just how much the shiner right on her third eye had developed.

And yep, she’s pretty much claiming it as her own trophy from the night’s proceedings. I mean, as if you wouldn’t, right?

Turns out Patricia Arquette bonked Joey in the face with her trophy during the festivities, resulting in a pearler of a bruise in the middle of her forehead.

Funnily enough, Patricia picked up the gong for her performance in the true-crime series, The Act, where she plays Joey King’s, Dee Dee Blanchard.

Now if that’s not some serious Mum’s-had-one-too-many-chardys areas, I don’t know what is.

Patricia replied to her battered and bruised on-screen daughter with a swift apology (though surely they would have laughed about it private already), and joked that “whatever happens in the lift stays in the lift.”

Really hoping Joey gets that little egg checked out and that her post-awards headache hasn’t just been made worse with this smack to the lemon spread, because a swift concussion really isn’t the best way to kick off 2020.

Joey King and her shiner isn’t the only thing that went down after the awards yesterday, there was also Jason Momoa finding any excuse to get the guns out, Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston running into each other briefly, and Paris Hilton going off on the dancefloor, as is her want to do.

Image: Twitter / @joeyking