Joel McHale Just Roasted The Shit Out Of Our Osher / ‘Bachie’ Obsession

The Joel McHale Show, Netflix‘s sassy new celebration of reality television in all of its wonderful permutations, has discovered Australia‘s spin on Bachelor In Paradise. More specifically, it has zeroed in on the show’s guiding light.

Forget love, eternal happiness, or even the prospect of getting sand in your jocks during a beachside make-out session: we’re talking about Osher Gunsberg. 

In the show’s latest ep, eponymous host Joel McHale played an all-too-brief clip of the fresh contestants settling into their island digs while loudly asking if Osher was present.

He was. And McHale essentially blasted the show’s competitors – and all of us, really – for being so invested in the fella’s comforting presence.

Osher also caught wind of the name-drop, revealing his appreciation for McHale’s comparison to America’s Bachelor host Chris Harrison. 

All we need now is for McHale to discover the national treasure that is Sophie Monk.