Heartstopper’s Joe Locke Is Keen To Be Disney’s First Gay Prince & Consider My Heart Stopped

Joe Locke, the leading man of Netflix’s new teen romance series Heartstopper (more like heartWARMER) has put his hand up to play Disney’s first-ever gay prince. Safe to say we couldn’t be more thrilled at the idea.

During an interview with The Independent, Joe Locke revealed his history-making aspiration.

“I would love to play the first gay Disney prince,” the 18-year old said. “That would be a dream.”

Since the revelation, the internet has (appropriately) gone into full-throttle hype mode.




Joe Locke also used the interview to send a message to young queer folk about Heartstopper.

“I want it to say to young queer people: ‘You deserve to have this story. This happiness is not out of your reach.

“You don’t not deserve the things in a classic heterosexual love story because you happen to be queer.’”

For those of you who aren’t currently subscribed to Netflix (or stealing someone else’s account), Hearstopper is a beautiful story based on Alice Oseman‘s hugely popular webcomic of the same name.

It follows openly gay nerd Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and rugby player/golden retriever if it were a human Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) as they develop an unlikely friendship at an all-boys school and come to realise it might be something more.

The show also follows the lives of Charlie’s other friends at school. That includes his best friends adorably grumpy film buff Tao (William Gao) and Elle (Yasmin Finney).

Elle is a trans-female student who moved from Charlie’s school to an all-girls school and is played by an actual trans woman (!!!).

Since its release, Heartstopper has been dazzling fans across the globe. The show has managed to cop a perfect 100% critic approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes.

You can catch future Disney prince (???) Joe Locke on Netflix as of right freakin now. Hop on it!