Joe Jonas Stole Fiancée Sophie Turner’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Lewk For Halloween

Sometimes, it’s good as hell to expend exactly zero effort on a Halloween costume. Without naming names, a member of the PEDESTRIAN.TV Editorial team attended a spooky party over the weekend as a cyclist; the costume consisted of their usual party get-up, plus a lone bike helmet.

It’s another thing entirely to simply raid your partner’s closet. Yet that is precisely what Joe Jonas appears to have done for his Halloween look, a flawless riff on fiancée Sophie Turner’s Game Of Thrones character Sansa Stark. 

Images posted on Jonas’ Instagram account show the 29-year-old bloke decked out with that trademark hair and a flowing gown, aping the on-screen appearance of his 22-year-old sweetheart.

A more complete look at his dress was showcased on his Instagram Story:

@joejonas / Instagram
@joejonas / Instagram

The costume-stealing schtick was not reciprocated by Turner, who instead rocked up at Amazon director Simon Kinberg‘s luxe bash dressed as an elephant.

@sophiet / Instagram
@sophiet / Instagram

The power move here would have been for Turner to dress up as Nick Jonas – or, even better, Kevin Jonas – but we’re not here to judge people’s costume decisions (that’s a lie, but whatever).

PEOPLE reports the party was also attended by other luminaries including Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Silverman, and Olivia Munn, who followed up on her initial Crazy Rich Asians costume with a riff on Kim Kardashian.

At time of writing, no bicycle helmets have been spotted in photos from the party.