Joaquin Phoenix Is Back And Beardless For PETA

Our favourite actor-turned-hip hop artist Joaquin Phoenix has resurfaced from – presumably – the recording studio to get back in front of the camera for PETA.

The footage that he narrates graphically depicts the process behind fashion-related products made from exotic animal skins. The contents of the footage is extremely graphic and some people may find it disturbing:

It’s genuinely shocking stuff.

But it’s nowhere near as shocking as the state of Joaquin’s FACE.

Where the hell has the Cousin It facial hair gone?

The Facial Hair first sprung to fame in this amazing interview that Phoenix did with David Letterman.

Letterman is such a schmoe. Sure, JP looked absurd and acted as only a person with a spectrum-border social disease can, but something about Letterman’s smarmy jib makes me want to punch the guy in the face.

Violent urges aside – Could Phoenix’s sudden (and hairless) presence on the small screen signal a return to cinema for the “retired” actor?
Could this be a phoenix-like, if you will, emergence from the ashes of a promising career abandoned before the full potential was reached?
Could this be the third unnecessary rhetorical question in a single paragraph?

Title Image by Jason Merritt via Getty