In the most recent example of a celebrity using their coronavirus-induced self-isolation as an excuse to pull a massive flex, Jennifer Lopez has accidentally revealed that she probably lives in the house from Parasite.

For those out of the loop, Parasite follows the story of a poor family who con their way into becoming the house staff of a wealthy family, including as an English tutor and maid. The family’s Seoul mansion is remembered by viewers for being a tranquil abode with sleek modernist architecture.

In JLo’s video, we witness her family chilling out during self -isolation in… their tranquil abode with sleek modernist architecture. We also get to see her son go crazy on a hoverboard set to the tune of ‘Death by Glamour’ from the soundtrack of Undertale, made famous on TikTok. It is 2020, after all.

Twitter suddenly noticed that JLo’s house and the house from Parasite are basically the same, and users collectively lost their goddamn minds.

If Bong Joon Ho is looking for a set for the American remake of the Oscar-winning film, might I suggest a word with JLo.

Also: if you haven’t already, watch Parasite!

Image: Supplied