The wizarding world of the Harry Potter extended universe is truly the gift the refuses to cease giving.

And if the thought of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film alone weren’t enough to have you giddy at the knees, this is surely gonna knock your muggle brain for six.

JK Rowling has revealed that a series of new stories will hit the internet this week, and will flesh out the history of magic in North America.

The Fantastic Beasts film, of course, will be set in and around New York, tracing the exploits of Newt Scamander some seventy-odd years before the beginning of the first Harry Potter book/film.

These new stories – four in all – will detail the background and history of Ilvermorny, the North American Hogwarts counterpart, as well as the American controlling body, the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

An announcement posted to Pottermore states that the series of pieces will provide vital details of backstory ahead of the Fantastic Beasts film release in November.

“Magic in North America will bring to light the history of this previously unexplored corner of the wizarding world in the run up to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. And you’ll want to get up to speed before the film comes around in November.

It’s going to be quite a week.”

The first story will hit the Pottermore website at 1am tonight/Wednesday morning Australian time, with each new story arriving 24 hours apart.

Hold on to your butts, wizarding fans. It’s gonna be a hell of a year.

Source: Pottermore.