JK Rowling Puts End To Four ‘Harry Potter’ Plot Holes On Twitter

Author of your childhood JK Rowling has taken to Twitter to clear up some frustrating plot holes that plagues the Harry Potter series, answering four questions of the “qué?” variety overnight.

JK’s Q&A was staged as part of Harry Potter Book Night (which is every night, no?) yesterday, an event spruiked by Bloomsbury to introduce a new generation of readers to HP. Kewt.

The first zinger was responded with eloquence and grace by JK – a question regarding the fuck happened to three-headed Fluffy in Philosopher’s Stone:

Alright, fair game. Next – what about 12 Grimmauld Place, huh, JK? HUH?

Killing these answers, obviously. Breaking down why Harry’s internal horcrux didn’t die in Chamber of Secrets at the hands of the basilisk: 

And, rounding off the final question of the night:

JKR proved herself and the knowledge of her own imaginary creation beyond imagination; “WANNA FKN FIGHT ME?”, she asks, more or less, over fans attempting to undermine her iron clad world. We endlessly salute and adore you, JK.

Via AVC.