CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses transphobia.

J.K. Rowling‘s recent transphobia has disappointed countless Harry Potter fans, sparked gentle rebukes from the film series’ stars, and reportedly unsettled the developers behind a new wizarding game.

Now, at least one comedian is imagining what life is like for the author’s publicist. Well, her imagined ex-publicist.

Tess Gattuso has unveiled her latest glimpse at that workplace dynamic, unpacking the ways Rowling appears to be making things worse for herself – and the trans people whose lives are impacted by her bigotry.

Much of it focuses on Rowling’s Twitter account, which is central to the whole debacle.

There are references to a British MP, who suggested Rowling used her experience of domestic abuse to target trans people, and a nod to Andrea Dworkin, a feminist whose words Rowling invoked to support her transphobic arguments.

That said, you don’t need to be a scholar of the UK political scene or second-wave feminism to get around the situation:

Today’s instalment is technically a sequel, thanks to Gattuso’s first foray into this particular binfire:

With any luck, Rowling might abstain from posting anything which sees this series turn into a trilogy.

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