Well, tonight is the night ladies and gents: Bachelor finale! Tonight is all about Jimmy Nicholson picking his favourite M’lady out of Holly and Brooke.

But before we sink our teeth into the finale, after what I’d call a very vanilla season. We have some exciting goss to tickle your fancy, courtesy of So Dramatic! podcast.

Turns out hottie with a body Jimmy, has already experienced two women fighting over him before and it wasn’t on national TV. Yes, apparently while working as a pilot at Jetstar, two women had a punch-on at the Chrissy party over him. JUICY.

Multiple anonymous sources reached out to Megan Pustetto at So Dramatic! to dish out on Jimmy Nicholson’s Jetstar antics. So please get your grains of salt ready, because some of this hot-intel is a bit much.

“So I work with Jimmy and at the last Christmas party (2019) two girls I worked with were fighting over him,” one Jetstar worker told So Dramatic!.

“He ended up hooking up with one of them, while he was still with the other girl, and the other girl ended up being so cut that he dumped her.”

Then another anonymous Jetstar worker added that the argument turned into a “physical altercation”.

“The girls were throwing drinks at each other at the party over Jimmy and it turned physical. Girl one and girl two, and also a third girl all had boyfriends and had all cheated on their boyfriends with Jimmy,” they told the podcast.

Yikes that’s a lot of tea and honestly seems a tad far-fetched. All three had boyfriends??? I mean c’mon??

If true though, the Bach finale won’t hold a candle to this drama. We might get some crocodile tears at best, but alas, probably no drink throwing.

The Bachelor Australia finale airs 7.30pm, tonight on Channel 10.