Jimmy Fallon (As Donald Trump) Verbally Spars With The Real Hilary Clinton

If you’ve got your finger plugged into the American political debate at the moment, you’d know that today marked the second Festival of Monkey Shit Slinging Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.

The highly stage-managed spectacle, hosted this time by CNN (and not Fox News like the first one was, meaning the questions were more likely to stray from the “America, how great are we?” “Obama: Terrorist?” or “Immigrants are bad. How bad are they?” lines of questioning) was held in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and was basically a WASP wet dream.
Not one to be perturbed by her “not being a Republican“-ness, Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton also managed to sneak into the action with a televised phone conversation with “Donald Trump,” which The Tonight Show was gracious enough to put to air.

Say what you want about Jimmy Fallon, but the sonofabitch knows his way around a celebrity impression.
And for the record, in the actual Debate, Republican candidate Carly Fiorina landed one of the better political Bye Felicia’s you’re likely to see on Trump, whose bemused facial expressions refused to yield all night.

She might represent general misery for America’s middle and lower classes, but that woman is FIRE.