Jim O’Heir AKA Jerry Gergich Has A Wholesome Message For Your Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Jerry Gergich is the latest celeb to share some thoughts on self-isolation, but instead of weeping inside of his mansion, the Pawnee public servant rambled wholesome thoughts into his selfie camera like only a boomer can.

“Things are really crazy right now, but you know what, they’re going to get better,” he said, while calling out to his wife Gayle intermittently.

“But in the meantime to make them get better, we’ve gotta stay home.

“The Gergiches – we are hunkered down, we are not going anywhere.

“We’ve got some food and we are ready for our breakfast, because you know we have this little song we sing every day for breakfast.”

And for those who still can’t follow, he clarified: “I’m also Larry, Tarry Garry and Barry.” Surely one of those names will ring a bell.

In recent weeks, it feels like every celeb has gone on Instagram Live or made a Facebook post in which they flaunt their wealth and tell their fans to self-isolate without realising how big a privilege it really is. Watching Jerry get embarrassed for accidentally bragging about his Timeshare in Muncie, Indiana, is refreshing as heck.

The man may have a perfect family, comfortable life and enormous dong, but at least he doesn’t make the rest of us feel like scum during this period of social distancing.

Jim O’Heir, the actor behind Jerry, received almost 40 thousand likes on Twitter for his message.

It’s for this reason that, for the first time ever, Jerry did something right. Try not to laugh at the poor guy anymore.