Jim Carrey Set To Play Villain Dr Robotnik In ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie

Hey, you know that Sonic The Hedgehog movie that nobody wanted or asked for but we’re getting anyway, because every nostalgic cartoon and video game needs to get rebooted and remade? Yeah, that one. Well, it looks like your boy Jim Carrey is going to be in it, so good on him.

Earlier today, trade publication Deadline reported that Carrey is negotiating to star as the villain, who is either known as Dr Robotnik or Doctor Eggman – cards on the table here, I was a Nintendo kid growing up, so most things Sonic-related remain pretty bizarre and inscrutable to me, sorry.

Paramount are making the live action-CGI hybrid film, which also stars James Marsden of Westworld and Tika Sumpter of the Ride Along films, although it’s unclear if they will be playing humans or animated creatures or what. Jeff Fowler is slated to direct.

Since launching in 1991, the Sonic series has spawned dozens of games, selling an estimated 87 million copies in total, and has also been the basis for six TV series, the most recent of which, Sonic Boom, began airing in 2014.

Jim Carrey spends a lot of his time these days drawing wild political cartoons, and later this year, he will be seen in the Showtime original series Kidding, directed by his Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind collaborator Michel Gondry.