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Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has defended herself after a supplements brand claimed they paid her $1,600 for a sponsored post, which she refused to do after being paid, then completely ghosted them.

Now, speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the reality star claimed she was too sick to fulfil her obligations, and intends to pay the money back in two weeks.

“I’m really, really sick,” she began. “I’m in and out of surgery at the moment. The medicine I’m on makes me really sick. I’ve been vomiting, I’m bed-bound, I haven’t even been going to college because of it.”

“I let them know that [I’m sick]. I told them, ‘Look, I’m actually really, really sick. I’m really sorry that this has happened,'” she added.

“I said, ‘At the moment, I’m unable to pay back the agreement, but it will be paid to you in two weeks’.”

Jessika added that the company’s accusations that she had kept the money before cutting off all communication had “really, really upset” her.

She concluded by explaining that her manager was now handling the disagreement.

In a lengthy post on Facebook recently, the company’s director, Brooke Whale, claimed Jessika had accepted the payment but never delivered on a sponsored post for Soothe my Mood supplements.

“Since paying her $1,600 for 1 x Instagram post and 1 x Instagram story, she has completely fallen off the face of the earth,” she wrote.

“She suddenly stopped replying to emails. We sent her three to four emails spread out over about a month asking when the sponsored posts were coming and they all went unanswered.

“We have been struggling with this whole ordeal for about two months now and are getting absolutely nowhere.”

Credit: Facebook

Jessika claimed the company’s post had gone “viral” and she has copped a lot of flak on social media.

She said she only agreed to help the company “out of the goodness of my own heart”, knowing they’re a new business.

“They’re a small company starting out. The only reason why I agreed to help them on a very small amount of money – I normally charge $3,500 for a post – I’m only helping you because you’re a small brand,” she added.

“I’ve been crying over this. This is the first time I’ve ever been upset about social media,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“And I went through so much shit with MAFS! And it’s because this is my job, this is my work, and I pride myself with how I am online.”

Jessika Power rose to fame on Married At First Sight. (Credit: Nine)

In a subsequent statement, Ms Whale said she was still waiting for a refund.

“We only shared our experience with her. If this came across as negative, that’s because it was. Since posting to Facebook, we have also not engaged in any other social media activity relating to Jessika,” Ms Whale said.

“As we have said numerous times now, we just want our money back so we can cut ties with Jessika and move on.

“We have no interest in an online feud and do not condone bullying of any kind. If Jessika has experienced bullying as a result of our Facebook post, we are sorry for that.”