Jesse Eisenberg Is A Superpowered Stoner In The ‘American Ultra’ Trailer

Jesse Eisenberg is usually best known for playing uptight weirdos of the Mark Zuckerberg variety, but in American Ultra, he plays more of a laid-back, stoner dude, who has uptight weirdness thrust upon him by means of some highly-classified government shit.
The first trailer, released today, sees Eisenberg’s character as a regular dude who works at a gas station when he is inadvertently activated as some kind of Jason Bourne-like super spy who can kill with just a random kitchen utensil.
The film also sees him team up with his Adventureland co-star Kristen Stewart, a pairing of which we are in favour. 

(This is the second trailer for American Ultra – we posted the Red Band trailer a few weeks ago).
The film, which also stars Topher That 70s Show Grace and Connie ‘Mrs Coach’ Britton, is out September 10 in Australia.