Jess Brody Got Abbie Chatfield’s I’m A Celeb SMS Code Tattooed On Her, Which Is Dedicated AF

Jess Brody has done what any good friend would do and that’s get their mates name tattooed on her body.

Why? Because fellow Bachie alum Abbie Chatfield is competing in the ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’ grand finale and needs the public (YOU) to vote for her to win.

PEDESTRIAN.TV did actually reach out Jess, who confirmed that the tatt is 100% real. So no, it’s not one of those temporary tattoos that you used to get in party bags as a kid. Although, that’s not a terrible idea for further promotion. I’m sure the Abbie stans would totally get around an ‘SMS Abbie’ temporary tattoo.

The photo was spotted on Abbie’s IG, and it’s already garnered a heap of support from people in the comments, including her fellow I’m A Celeb campmates.

“Now that is a friend with commitment to an awesome friends and cause,” Paulini Curuenavuli wrote.

“Dedication to the cause. Love it,” other campmate Adam Densten wrote.

There’s also been one or two boomers who have given the ol’ “that’s on you forever” comment.

“I respect the cause. But at some point that SMS ABBIE won’t be a thing and that tattoo will just be there and probably have no relevancy. Respect it but like really? Is a tattoo required to put across a cause,” one person wrote.

Of all people, boomers should certainly get it. We’ve done permanent damage to our bodies, they’ve done permanent damage to our environment.

But seriously, Jess Brody’s fresh tatt was done to support Abbie’s chosen charity of Dementia Australia, which the prize money would be donated to.

If you find that you are stumped with who to vote for, I would recommend choosing based on the charity the celeb* has selected. That way, you know your vote is going to a cause that you really care about. You can find about those charities here.

*In saying that, don’t vote for Ash Williams pls. Just donate to his charity in your own time.