You’d think the name Jennifer Lopez kind of speaks for itself, but apparently not enough because she’s gone out of her way to create her own LinkedIn profile.

Sarah Cooper discovered the singer on LinkedIn and posted a screenshot of Lopez’s profile on Twitter.

“Why does JLo need a LinkedIn? She’s JLO. Her bio should just say ‘I’m JLo,'” Cooper wrote on Twitter.

Other people agreed in the comments, because again, why would she need a LinkedIn when she’s fucking JLo???

“Why does anyone need a LinkedIn” one person pointed out.

I guess she made a profile because she really needs everyone to know she’s a “mom” and “humanitarian.” She’s a woman that can do it all, you know?

“I’m a mom, partner, actor, singer, film & television producer, fashion designer, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian (say that 3 times fast),” Lopez wrote in her about me section.

The “three times fast” part is screaming pick me energy. Like yes JLo we get it, you’re not like all the other celebrities who live in their million dollar mansions and fly on private jets. Oh wait…

God if I have to compete with Jennifer Lopez on LinkedIn now, just count me out of the job market. How am I supposed to compete with someone who performed at the Super Bowl and wrote a bestselling book?

In fact, someone pointed out that even Barack Obama has a LinkedIn – which includes being president for eight years under the experience section.

So can boomers stop complaining that young people aren’t working hard enough to find work, because we literally have to compete against JLo and Barack Obama?