Jennifer Lawrence To Star In The Film Adaptation Of “The Rosie Project”

On-screen is not the only place that ‘Strayans are killing it in Hollywood. Our stories are hot property over there as well nowadays.

The Rosie Project – the runaway smash hit novel from Graeme Simison – has been in development as a major title with Columbia Pictures practically from the moment the book hit shelves.
The story was always destined for the big screen, with it originating as a script Simison developed whilst studying screenwriting at RMIT (EDs NOTE: the best darned screenwriting course in the country, dag nab it) – the novel emerged as a sort of sideways adaptation, and the rest as they say is etc.
The Hollywood Reporter is now bringing us the news that whenever The Rosie Project hits screens, it certainly won’t be a small time deal.
The internet’s favourite legend Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly set to fill the role of Rosie Jarman – the titular love interest of the story, which follows the exploits of a lovelorn genetics professor who develops a scientific survey to find his perfect mate, only to have those expectations knocked on their head when Rosie arrives and possesses all the opposite qualities he thought he was looking for.
The male lead for the film is not, as of yet, cast. The script itself was adapted from the novel by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, who you might recognise as the scribes behind the similar quirk-and-heartache tale (500) Days of Summer.
At one point Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – the directing duo behind The LEGO Movie – were set to jump on board as directors for the project, but they have since dropped out in order to focus on the Han Solo standalone Star Wars spinoff.
Columbia is now fast-tracking the search for a suitable new director for the film.
Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Michael Costigan (Prometheus, Brokeback Mountain) are producing the adaptation.
We repeat: ‘STRAYA!
Photo: Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images.