Watch Loose Unit Jennifer Lawrence Sink 3 Shots In A 9 Minute Interview

I had absolutely no idea that Stephen Colbert has a fully legit liquor cabinet hidden on the set of The Late Show, but I’m eternally grateful that he chose to break it out when the angel known as Jennifer Lawrence came to visit.

Stopping by to promo the shit out of her latest movie Red Sparrow, the 27-year-old decided to wet her whistle with Stephen’s coffee mug, prompting him to go search for something with a bit of an extra kick.

J-Law proceeds to become a full-on loose unit, downing 3 (!) shots in the space of 9 minutes and still managing to keep her composure on national telly without puking straight in Stephen’s face.

The interview gets noticeably cooked as time goes on and I think Stephen realised what he’d gotten himself in for when Jennifer decided to go barefoot.

The pair also talks about her friend Amy Schumer getting married, hitting on Larry David and how Harvey Weinstein is a butt boil that just won’t quit.

Have a gander below.