Jennifer Hawkins Tops MAXIM’s Hot 100 Australia 2013

Former Miss Universe, current TV host, the face of Myer and renowned knicker model Jennifer Hawkins has knocked off Miranda Kerr to take the top spot in MAXIM‘s second annual Hot 100 Australia list. J-Haw and MAXIM go way back, with the magazine featuring her (topless, naturally) on the cover of their Australian launch issue in 2011. Kerr shifts down to #4, with Home And Away hottie Samara Weaving debuting in the list at #2, and Delta Goodrem maintaining her #3 position from last year.

Tony Abbott‘s daughters have managed to achieve something aside from being the only reason anyone voted for Tony Abbott (according to Tony Abbott), with Louise, Bridget and Frances‘ ability to remain poised while their dad parades them as sex objects earning them a nod at #11. Julia Gillard has been unceremoniously dumped from the list (as well as the Prime Ministership) after sneaking in at #100 last year, but Julie Bishop and her crazy eyes, Labor’s Federal Member for Sydney Tanya Plibersek and MP for Lindsay Fiona “sex appeal” Scott represent the pollies, coming in at #97, #99 and #100 respectively.

The most exciting entry though? AAMI’s Rhonda, hot like a sunrise, makes it in at #92. Watch out Ketut, your girlfriend is hot property! The most horrifying? Gine Rinehart at #94. Shudder. I guess money and power is sexy. You’d expect the inclusion of a 17-year-old girl in the list at #98 would stir up some controversy, but since it’s Ja’mie King, who {SPOILER ALERT!} is actually a 42-year-old man in drag, we’re going to let it slide.

Here’s the top 10:

1.     Jennifer Hawkins  
2.     Samara Weaving  
3.     Delta Goodrem  
4.     Miranda Kerr
5.     Havana Brown
6.     Jessica Gomes   
7.     Lauryn Eagle
8.     Yvonne Strahovski
9.     Ellie Gonsalves
10.   Sally Fitzgibbons

The full list appears in MAXIM’s November issue. Who would you have voted for?

Title Image by Scott Barbour via Getty