Jennifer Aniston Makes Instagram Debut With Full-On ‘Friends’ Reunion Selfie

Jennifer Aniston has made her official debut on Instagram, showing off a picture with five friendly punters she seems to have met at a restaurant.

[jwplayer cUv2M1aH]

The actor, best known for her roles alongside Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery and Just Go With It, appears in the grainy image alongside two blokes, two women, and a guy in a white shirt who may or may not be the sommelier.

“And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too,” Aniston said, suggesting she’s the follow-for-follow type. Very magnanimous!

That one post has already racked up over 4.5 million likes and has netted her account a cool 2.2 million followers, all in the space of seven hours.

Her former partner Justin Theroux has also weighed in on her arrival on the platform, offering a dignified and considered welcome:

via @jenniferaniston / Instagram

Aniston also happened to tag each of her new mates in the pic, which appears to have boosted the follower counts of flannel enthusiast Matt LeBlanc, potential beer thief David Schwimmer, anti-bullying campaigner Lisa Kudrow, and amateur furniture removalist Courtney Cox.

Unfortunately we have no way to tell who the fifth person is, but we’ll keep you posted.

Actually, hold up, just came across this: PEOPLE states Aniston was in a short-lived sitcom called Friends in the 90s, and these folks appeared as extras or something.

Apparently this is the first time the gang has been photographed together since the show’s quiet demise in 2004. Speaking to the outlet, Aniston said they reunited at Cox’s house last month to share some fond memories of the show.

Bless them. Good thing they have memories of the show, because we certainly don’t.