Jenna Marbles’ Partner Julien Solomita Says She Won’t Be Returning To Their Twitch Channel

In a “bittersweet” announcement, Julien Solomita has confirmed that partner and fellow Twitch co-host Jenna Marbles won’t be returning to the platform.

Speaking to their 500k followers, Solomita posted a video announcing that the channel would be undergoing a slight rebrand as Marbles steps away from Twitch.

As such, the JennaJulien Twitch channel will be switched to just his name within the next week or so.

“I understand that it does feel like a big change, and I get that, and I empathise with that,” he said, “but I want you guys to know that the stream’s not going to change. And the content here will not change. And the community will not change.”

Solomita then took to Twitter to confirm the news with the wider community.

“i feel so lucky to have had the experiences over the past nearly 6 years on twitch .tv / jennajulien. it’s incredibly bittersweet knowing I’ll never go live under that name again.”

“i will forever cherish these memories. thank u so much for being a part of them.”

Marbles announced that she would be leaving YouTube back in June following the controversy surrounding old resurfaced videos. She’s since stayed off social media in a bid to focus on her mental health.

Solomita also confirmed in the Twitch comments that she’s fine, and just taking some time out for herself.

As for Marbles’ return to YouTube? Time will tell, I guess.