Curious Daddy Jeff Goldblum Is Getting His Own Docuseries With Nat Geo

Today in things you didn’t know you needed, Jeff Goldblum is getting his own magnificent and wondrous documentary series by the name of The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum. Is that not the most heavenly title to bless your eyeballs with?

[jwplayer jJoBfNnw]

The man who you can hear saying, “Hmmm, fascinating” in 99 per cent of talk show interviews is partnering up with equal curiosity aficionados, National Geographic. The team says the 12-part series will take us upon a journey around the world to“uncover the extraordinary stories behind the world’s most ‘ordinary’ things.” 

And by ordinary they’re talking cereal, toilet paper, baseball, the subway system, balloons, and ice-cream. The Jurassic Park alum will delve into the mechanics behind each item and explore the impact these very ordinary things have on our lives. ‘Cos well, toilet paper’s quite the necessary item in daily dos.

Each episode will be an easy 30 minutes and shall include experimentation and experts in each field.

Goldblum told Deadline:

“[The series] puts me in the driver’s seat, guiding viewers on a mind-blowing adventure where we break down the unexpectedly complex science behind seemingly basic things.”

That – that is all you really need to know.

It’s still incredibly early days so there’s yet to be a release date but we’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime:

Goldblum was most recently immortalised in the form of a ginormous eight-metre statue in London last week in a loving tribute to the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park. 

The statue, if you’ve yet to (highly unlikely) clasp eyes on is of the beautiful Dr Ian Malcolm.