Much Like The Actual MGK, Bachie’s Bootleg Version Jed Has Hit The Skids In His Relationship

jed mcintosh alesia delaney

Machine Gun Kelly‘s stunt double Jed McIntosh has revealed that his relationship with Alésia Delaney is over, shocking all three people who watched The Bachelors to the very end. This means the short-lived season of triple Bachies has produced zero successful relationships.

Jed told his followers that the relo was in shambles during an Instagram Q&A after someone asked him how things were going, complimenting the duo for being “gorg”.

“What a question. I can’t dodge it,” he said, even though he could have easily ignored the question because it was his fkn Q&A.

“Alésia and I, even though we’re not currently in a relationship, we are still continuing to grow together.”

He then explained that after the seven weeks they spent together filming The Bachelors (which ended in a rejected proposal), they decided to take a little break and work on their relationship.

However, they ended up just growing apart, which happens.

“We’re sort of learning as we go,” he continued.

“No matter what the title is, that woman is still the number one woman in my life. And I consider myself the luckiest man on earth.”

I appreciate that despite the fact they’re not together romantically he still considers Alésia to be someone important in his life. It’s honestly a surprising amount of maturity from Jed.

This news coincidentally comes just a day after lookalike Machine Gun Kelly and his lady Megan Fox seemingly called it quits as well. Jed really is never going to beat the allegations that he’s copying MGK. Unfortunate, really.

In case you missed it, an anonymous source told PEOPLE that Fox is fuming at MGK after they had a tiff on the weekend.

“Megan is very upset. They had a fight over the weekend and Megan won’t speak to him,” they said.

“They haven’t officially called off the engagement but Megan took her ring off.”

That’s all fine and dandy but are we forgetting that the ring MGK gave her had thorns in it so it would harm her if removed???? She must be mad mad.

According to the grand high wizard of gossip Deuxmoi, however, the couple is still together and Megan is just trolling everyone. I have no idea what to believe anymore.