Sass King Jax Taylor Slams Younes Bendjima & The Kardashian Klan In Savage Tweets

Bad boy Jax Taylor is back at it again with the shade and no Kardashian or Jenner is safe, nor are their exes for that matter. A couple days back, the Vanderpump Rules star spotted Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Younes Bendjima at a local gym and while pretending to take a selfie, he snapped a pic of the former reality star beau and posted it to his Instagram Story.

“When Kourtney Kardashain dumps you and you have to slum it like the rest of us at a normal gym,” Taylor wrote on the photo.

“No more [Fiji] diamond water either. Got to drink that smart water now.” 

He also surrounded a sitting Bendjima with arrows so you can clearly see the heartbroken lad.

Credit: Instagram

The savage image was quick to go viral and fans were absolutely digging the shade, including one who tweeted about the pic, calling it “hilarious”.

Taylor then responded, writing: “Of course it was, it was fucking brilliant, all you pussies who say shit wish you thought of it first. We all get dumped get over it. Old news move on.”

When another user tweeted at Taylor that the “Kardashians are royalty,” he hit back with: “Royalty? You need your brain checked.”

He also tweeted that Bendjima needs a job and even offered to fix him up with some work.

“tom and tom need a dj still at @TomTom not a hard gig, I can put in a good word,” he wrote, referring to Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s new restaurant.

He added that he’s just taking the piss with his shade and doesn’t mean any real harm to Bendjima.

“I just thought well this could be a funny tweet,” he tweeted. “Hey when you sign up for this lifestyle you gotta expect a little innocent humour, if you can’t laugh at this or yourself, then I feel bad for you. Who cares!!!”

Neither Younes nor the Kardashians have responded to Jax’s shady comments.