Jamie Spears’ Lawyer Reckons Britney’s Dad ‘Saved’ Her & Ahh, I Think The Fuck Not

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Jamie Spears’ lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, has spoken out in his defense following the release of the explosive New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, which tackles the topic of her controversial conservatorship.

In an interview with ABC News, Thoreen asserted that we’ve actually got the story all wrong when it comes to Jamie Spears.

“I understand that every story needs a villain, but people have it so wrong here,”  she said.

She then went on to describe Jamie as a  “furiously loving, dedicated and loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation,” essentially asserting that he is her saviour, rather than her captor.

 “People were harming [Britney] and they were exploiting her,” she added, seemingly referring to former partners like Sam Lutfi.

In addition to straight-up claiming that Jamie “saved Britney’s life”, Thoreen basically blamed somebody else around her for being the catalyst for her demise.

“Britney’s assets were clearly being mismanaged and she was being taken advantage of financially by some of those around her.”

However, this contradicts basically everything else we know about the situation.

For starters, Britney herself has said in court that she is “strongly opposed” to Jamie being the sole conservator of her estate.

“Britney is strongly opposed to her father continuing as sole conservator of her estate. Rather, without in any way waiving her right to seek termination of this conservatorship in the future, she strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role,” said the court documents, obtained by PEOPLE at the time.

Throughout the documentary, many of those close to Britney, including her old chaperone and assistant Felicia Culottaexplained why they dont trust Jamie as sole conservator of her estate.

To understand the full extent of Britney’s conservatorship, and Jamie’s role in it, I’d recommend watching the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, which premieres in Australia next week.

You can find all the info on how and where to watch it here.