Cooked Unit Jamie Oliver Got His Daughter’s Age Wrong In An IG Caption & Copped A Bit Of Heat

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver accidentally got the age of his daughter incorrect in an Instagram caption, and if that isn’t major Dad energy I don’t know what is.

Oliver took to Instagram to post an adorable piccie of him and his daughter wishing her a Happy 18th.

“Happy 18th Birthday Popppy! I love you so much wish I could be with you today have a great day honey,” he wrote.

The only problem was that Poppy turned 19, not 18. Bad luck, daddy.

The 15 minute meals chef quickly realised his mistake and changed the caption, but he was too slow for the queen behind Celeb Spellcheck. Who simply captioned the mistake: “Cooked it.”

Yes, it’s a bad look to forget the age of your daughter. But I feel like this is just such typical dad energy. If I had a dollar for every time my dad thought I played basketball and not netball, I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I would have enough for like an iPod or something.

Look, it’s not even dad energy…I would do this. I can barely remember the birthdays of anyone in my family. So I think it’s a fair mistake to forget someone’s age. And 18 is a milestone birthday, so Poppy should’ve just rolled with it and had two 18th birthdays for the price of one.

Other people in the comments agreed that we should cut him some slack as 2020 doesn’t count anyway.

“To be fair it’s like 2020 should be skipped over and deleted anyway!” One person wrote.

“It’s because 2020 doesn’t count in our ages,” wrote another.

Now this may be a stretch, but Jamie Oliver kind of looks a bit high in the picture, and perhaps that’s why he got Poppy’s age wrong? I mean that’ll do it.

He really was cooked then…