The 29th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards has just wrapped up and all anyone can talk about is the spicy moment Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh shared a kiss. I love iconic women being iconic together.

As a homosexual, there are only a handful of times where I’ve stopped and said: “two women kissing was the best part of my day today”. Somehow, today is one of those days.

After winning the Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role award for her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once (EEAAO), Jamie Lee decided to grab Michelle Yeoh by the cheeks and give her a big ol’ celebratory smooch.

She then proceeded to start a “Michelle Yeoh” chant on stage, and professed her love for the actress. Damn, she really is all of us.

You can watch the beautiful moment below:

The SAG Awards ended up being pretty successful for the EEAAO crew. Alongside Jamie Lee Curtis’ win, Michelle Yeoh walked away with the Best Female Actor in a Leading Role award, Ke Huy Quan won the award for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role and the film as a whole won Best Cast in a Motion Picture.

I would have loved to see Stephanie Hsu walk away with an award for her performance in the movie but I’m patiently waiting for the Oscars. I have a feeling she’ll take home the chocolates there.

Other glorious moments included Brendan Fraser winning Best Male Actor in a Leading Role for his killer performance in The Whale and the world’s mother Jennifer Coolidge taking home the big prize for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role in The White Lotus.

I love seeing genuinely good people getting rewarded for slaying the game. More of this, please.

Apart from the kiss, the other viral SAG Awards moment was Jenna Ortega (from Wednesday) and Aubrey Plaza (from The White Lotus) announcing one of the awards together.

Somehow the pair managed to match each other’s deadpan humour and it made for quite a hilarious moment.


“I don’t know why they paired us up, we have nothing in common.” 😂 #jennaortega #aubreyplaza

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Now we wait for the Oscars to see if the SAG Awards are any prediction of who will win big time. Praying for a Michelle Yeoh victory.