There’s A Pt 3 Of Jamie Doran’s ‘Rogue’ Interview & He’s Ripped Into BIP And Kyle & Jackie O

Just when you thought you’d read every bit of tea Jamie Doran has to give, part three of his interview with the So Dramatic! podcast has dropped and there’s A LOT to unpack here.

First up, he revealed more BTS Bachelor In Paradise goss, which we alway love to hear, including an alleged bullying incident involving Renee Barrett that was the catalyst of his iconic walk-out.

You know the one. (Credit: Ten)

“What happened was, and no disrespect to Renee here, I didn’t watch Matt Agnew’s season. So we go to dinner one night [on BIP] and I thought she was one of the makeup ladies so I gave her a hug and all of a sudden she’s sitting down at dinner with us and everyone’s going at her,” he began.

“So Renee’s being attacked at the table and I stood up and said, ‘This is BS, she’s being bullied. I won’t stand for this. I’m not impressed, this either stops or I leave the show’.”

He then got up and left in a “heightened state” and as he was “stewing” about the incident, he was delivered the news that Timm was leaving. He then returned to his bungalow to find Timm packing his bag. He says that because Timm had defended him in the past and the pair had grown close, he became overwhelmed with emotions when he found out his mate was leaving. That, plus the aftermath of the “bullying” that occurred at the table, sparked his emotional reaction.

He also revealed that he’s been copping death threats from Bachie viewers ever since his stint on last year’s Bachelorette, although in recent months the “DMs have softened.”

And the hate isn’t just coming from viewers as he also claimed that his family no longer speak to him since joining Bachie and it’s actually so fucking sad.

“Mum and Dad don’t really talk to me anymore,” he said, claiming that he now only speaks to his sister ‘cos their family’s very “private” and they “don’t like this public perception of me.”

“I think they’re just embarrassed,” he said. “My communication with my family is very limited. I see them once a year at Christmas and that’s it.”

“People that knew me before and know me as a different person and saw my portrayal, it’s kind of embarrassing to then see them in the street or at the local coffee shop,” he added.

Doran starred in Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette.

And finally, Jamie Doran revealed that he used to date late Aussie model Charlotte Dawson and recalled being “trolled” by KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

He says he was surprised to hear all the negative things Kyle Sandilands was saying about him live on air as he thought the shock jock would have had “empathy” for him as they were mutual friends while he was dating Charlotte Dawson.

“I’ve hung out with Kylie in the past and I thought he would have a bit of empathy for me because I used to date Charlotte Dawson, I don’t know if a lot of people know that,” he said.

“I hung out socially with Kyle back when he was with Tamara Jaber. Maybe, Kylie meets a lot of people maybe he doesn’t remember.”

He added, “Charlotte was someone who I was with and for a lot of people who are listening, Charlotte killed herself because of online trolls and now I’m in this situation. Don’t troll me over mental health, especially after my history with Charlotte.”

He also claimed that Jackie O was DMing him on Instagram prior to the interview but after his “stage-five clinger edit” on Bachelorette, she unfollowed him. Weird flex, but ok.

Listen to the full podcast here for more tea.