The Bachelorette lad Jamie Doran has left the mansion after a truly heckers time on the show. The firefighter, not a paid actor apparently, spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV about all the ups and downs during his time on the show. But mostly the ups because Jamie says he’s doing just fine with all the attention – good or bad.

After chucking Carlin under the bus, let’s just say Jamie knew he was destined for the depresso limo ride home. Plus, after watching all the episodes so far (yes, all of them) Jamie realised there really wasn’t much of a connection between he and Angie. Fair analysis.

He was also sort of / mostly happy with how he was portrayed.

“I know I got a lot of attention on camera and I don’t blame anyone for that,” he tells us. “I am a very flamboyant, very intense character. I knew I was going to get a lot of screen time, but I wouldn’t change anything.”

“I’d just be a little less intense in episode one and two,” he adds. Lol, good times.

He also has one thing to say to his critics and fans… mostly the critics.

“Keep the memes coming! The memes are my favourite thing,” he laughs. “I get about ten a day, they’re hilarious.”

And, he’s not a paid actor – re: the rumours

“I’ve been told I’ve been on commercials and that I’m a character playing Superman up at SeaWorld. But no, I work out in a coal mine in rural Queensland so it’s far from the truth. If I was an actor, geez I’d be a bad actor.”

When I ask Jamie about “ingenuine”, he jokes that Oxford Dictionary should add it to its ranks.

“My mum’s going to be angry because she’s an English teacher,” he admits.

But it does make a nice hashtag, as does #heartbroken, #heartbreak, and #devastated – words Jamie loved to say on the show.

“I heard there’s some drinking game that every time Jamie says heartbreak, you’ve got to have a shot of tequila so there’s probably a lot of drunk people in Australia at the moment,” he laughs.

I mean, he said it.

Oh, Jamie also says there’s a suss rumour getting around about our great love Ciarran.

“There’s rumours he’s coming back,” he shares. “There’s rumours that he’s going to come back in the top three.”


I did a quick Google and nothing’s really coming up, not even some wild mysterious source. I don’t even know. I just want Ciarran back.

Speaking of which…

Image: Network 10