’Bachie’s Jamie Doran Is 50 Shades Of Red Flags & The Internet Isn’t Having A Bar Of It

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We’re down to the final 10 in Bach-town, and the drama is heating the fucc up.

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Tonight we saw a cute single date with Ciarran, where he opened up about his feelings and had a good laugh on a speedboat and in a Mustang with Angie. But you’re not here for a recap, you can read Mel’s solo recap of tonight’s episode here.

Being down to the final 10 means that we’re starting to see the men for who they really are (or at least pretend to be on TV) and boy, oh boy, we’re starting to see some giant red flags from Jamie.

Jamie Doran, not to be confused with 50 Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan, is the clinger of this season’s Bachelorette. However, he’s not the cute clingy like Timm, I get more of the “I want to make a lampshade out of Angie’s skin” kind of clingy vibes from Jamie.

And surprise, surprise, Twitter agrees with me.

Some people think he needs to get kicked out ASAP.

But others think that’s not such a great idea, you know, for safety.


Others seem to think #TheBacheloretteAU would be more accurate if it was #TheBacheloretteAVO.


And completely unsurprisingly, Angie’s parents thought he was totally bat-shit crazy too.


But Jamie thought they adored him, and even recognised them “from Instagram”, which is a truly terrifying sentence.


I also found this gem, which could absolutely explain some of the actor rumours that have been floating around lately.

Run, Angie, run!

Twitter also didn’t want a bar of his use of the word “intimate”. Jamie, darl, please stop.

And if you’re into betting, the odds are stacked against ol’ Jamie. Hard. Like, he’s currently got equal chances of winning as there is that Angie will pull a Honey Badger. Eeeek. Not good.

Somehow, Jamie managed to scrape through for another week because some guy named Glenn was somehow forgotten in the initial eliminations. But I have a feeling he’ll be kept around for a few more weeks for the *drama* before copping a swift boot from Angie.