James Franco’s Upcoming Marvel Movie Sounds Just As Weird As You’d Expect

James Franco Marvel

After a few years of directing poorly-received indie adaptations of novels and wandering around red carpets looking dishevelled, James Franco seems to be having a career resurgence. Not only is his latest directorial effort The Disaster Artist (which he also stars in) getting rave reviews, but he’s just signed on to a Marvel film.

We’ve already seen him don the lycra to play baddie Green Goblin in the 2007 flick Spider-Man 3, but because comic book adaptations are all the rage 10 years later, Franco is going back for more.

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According to a report in Deadline, the 39-year-old will play some bloke called Multiple Man, who is part of the X-Men universe. So this will be a Fox Marvel, not a Disney Marvel or a Sony Marvel and yes I’m as confused about all this as you are.

His powers are cloning, which for a Franco fan like myself is quite the enticing concept. It’s like the Michael Keaton ’90s gem Multiplicity only with a super-hot protagonist and the added bonus of LYCRA.

However, where other superheroes have a badass origin story like, say, a hectic spider bite or a nuclear accident or alien parents, Multiple Man’s is kinda, well, shit.

Deadline reports that:

Multiple Man is Jamie Madrox, who, in the comics, conveyed his cloning powers at birth, when a second, identical version of him appeared after the doctor slapped the infant to get him to breathe.

So let’s get this straight. Multiple Man’s incredible powers come to life when a medically-trained professional slaps the shit out of him.

We cannot wait to see this edge-of-your-seat origin story play out on camera.

Apparently Jamie’s father works at a nuclear research facility, so to be fair he probably had some crazy mutant sperm situation that led to him having a mutant son.

According to Deadline, Jamie has a special suit designed by Professor Xavier to control his cloning, but of course the suit begins to malfunction and with this my friends, a movie plot is born.

The flick will be penned by Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg, and no release date has been set yet.