James Franco “Doubly Embarrassed” After Hitting On Teen On Instagram

Award-winning James Franco and chaotic new media bricolage come metatextual art projectJames Franco, appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Michael yesterday to confess his embarrassment over his outed, alleged attempt to arrange a sexy hotel rendezvous and proposition a Scottish 17-year-old he met on Instagram on Tuesday. 
I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m a model of how social media is tricky. It’s a way that people meet each other today. Because I’m new to it [Franco has posted over 4,000 tweets and photos on Instagram, where he has repeatedly boasted his follower growth post-incident], you don’t know who’s on the other end, so I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson,” continued Franco, apparently of his own accord. 
In my position, not only do I have to go through the embarrassing rituals of meeting someone, but sometimes it gets published for the world.
Also on Tuesday, a new trailer for Gia Coppola’s adaptation of Franco’s coming-of-age short story compendium Palo Alto was released. Palo Alto stars Emma Roberts as a shy virgin who falls for an introspective artist while negotiating an affair with her soccer coach, Mr. B.
A line from that trailer, said by Mr. B to her character, April: “You’re young, you don’t know why you do things.”
Mr. B is played by introspective artist who knows why he does things (because he wants them published for the world) James Franco.
Photo: Chris Weeks via Getty