James Deen Is Facing A Huge Fine For Exposing Adult Performers To STDs

Talk about your falls from grace.

The once-revered, now-reviled pornographic performer James Deen is facing a new round of controversy, with the State of California on the verge of issuing Deen’s production company with a huge fine for failing to provide safe working environments.
Deen’s company James Deen Productions, which is also known as Third Rock Enterprises, is facing the wrath of Californian officials, who have been investigating the company’s practices since December.
It’s alleged that Deen, and his company, violated safety and condom laws, and in doing so recklessly exposed performers to a raft of potential STDs, including Hepatitis B.
The fine the violations carry runs to the tune of $77,875. California’s division of Occupational Health and Safety states that Deen, his lawyers, and legal representation for his company, repeatedly refused to provide the state with the legally required safety documentation for the company’s productions, and further attempted to prevent the state from investigating their practices.
Los Angeles Superior Court subsequently issued a warrant that allowed Cal/OHSA to inspect the company’s site, where nine violations were issued, including four that where “death or serious harm could result from the actual hazardous condition.
The board issued a statement on the violations, confirming that Deen’s company refused to provide performers with condoms.

“Cal/OSHA requires condom use in adult films to protect workers from exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Third Rock Enterprises failed to protect employees from illness and injury while on set.”

There is some conjecture over whether condoms are actually legally required for porn production in the state of California. State legislators assert that this is the case, however large sections of the industry reject the notion as a violation of free speech.

However, it should be noted that Deen’s company is one of only a few that have felt the wrath of the state. It’s also alleged that Third Rock failed to provide vaccines or medical examinations to performers who were potentially exposed to STDs.
Deen, of course, fell extraordinarily hard from grace last November, following multiple accusations of sexual assault levelled at him by other adult performers Stoya, Tori Lux, and Ashley Fires. Deen’s public profile fell completely down the toilet as a result, and several large sections of the industry actively cut ties with him in response.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty.