With every gig, concert, and festival turning into sets being beamed online from the homes of musicians and bands all around the world, it was truly a matter of time before we copped one that’s Coachella-levels of huge. Enter, James Corden and his extremely healthy Rolodex/phone contact list. Yep, he’s putting on his own livestreamed special, including casual sets from Billie Eilish, BTSDua Lipa, and heaps more.

Just casually, no biggie.

Linking in for ‘Homefest’ –the special that The Late Late Show team has pulled together, Corden will check in with artists at home around the globe. Dua’s coming in from London, BTS will beam over from South Korea, Billie and Finneas patching in from their home/studio in Los Angeles, John Legend (and maybe Chrissy Teigen?) will cross from LA as well. God this is a huge lineup.

On the non-music side of things, Corden will check in with the likes of Will Ferrell and David Blaine for some stress-relieving gags, I’m sure.

Oh, and they’re filming the whole thing from James’ garage. Which I love. I really hope it’s filled with shit, because that’s exactly how every garage should look, no matter how bloody famous you are. Get him trying to do a cross while sitting on a ride-on lawn mower, or hanging out next to a precarious stack of boxes filled with god-knows-what.

The James-Corden-in-his-garage isolation special kicks off on CBS in the US on March 30, so fingers crossed it’ll end up on Ch10 or something over here. Keep an eye on his socials too, lord knows the man loves a FB video or two.

Image: Getty Images / CBS Photo Archive