Jameela Jamil, absolute legend, has publicly reacted to having her Golden Globes red carpet moment dramatically stolen by her TV sister Kamilah Al-Jamil. 

As E! kicked off their coverage, punters noticed a seemingly savage yet brilliant E! employee had replaced Jamil’s name with her TV sister’s. Jamil plays Tahani Al-Jamil on Netflix‘s outrageously fabulous series The Good Place and, if you’re a fan, then you’ll know just how irked Tahani would’ve been by a stunt like this.

Though a majority of the internet had a good chuckle at it, others watching the broadcast weren’t laughing. They believed it was a genuine error and an extremely rude one at that. 

In a since deleted tweet, one user wrote: “To everyone joking about @enews putting @jameelajamil’s tv character’s sister’s name on TV instead of her own – chances are it was not a joke, it was a careless mistake that googling could fix, and would not happen to any non-WOC. Fork you guys.” 

Another tweeted she did not believe The Good Place was popular enough for E! to pull off such a joke on an international level.

While this is a possibility, the woman at the centre of the ‘prank’ just thought it was “TOO FORKING GOOD”.

“Whoever writes for @enews is a comedic genius and should write for our show.  I died! #withertahani,” she wrote on Instagram, adding in brackets “if this wasn’t a joke it’s even funnier.” 

Bless her heart.

On Twitter, Jamil reposted the same photo describing it as the “greatest of red carpet jokes”. 

The ‘error’ went so viral it became an official Twitter Moment on the platform… which Jamil retweeted.

Even Netflix had a laff.

Funnily enough, if this was a big error, E! would never own up to it.

Image: Getty Images / David Crotty