Jameela Jamil Denies Deleting Old Tweets, Says A 3rd-Party App Has Been Doing It On The Sly

Jameela Jamil

Celebrities, they’re just like us! In this case it’s The Good Place actor Jameela Jamil revealing she’s been dealing withe some suss stuff on Twitter lately. Hate it when that happens.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, Jamil revealed that some of her tweets have randomly disappeared.

Long story short: the actor says third-party apps have been accessing her Twitter account to delete tweets. Not a fan of that, not a fan at all.

In a statement shared to her account, Jamil explained that she absolutely wasn’t deleting the tweets herself. She wouldn’t do that.

“It’s made people on here think it’s me shying away from opinions or controversial exchanges I’ve had,” she wrote.

“Especially when it’s happened over supportive tweets about the trans community, the disabled community, the Black community, or the fat community, to think that people think I have changed my mind and deliberately deleted those statements makes my blood boil.”

Jamil said she stands by every single word she’s tweeted in the past, even the things she’s gotten wrong.

However, because she wanted to figure out what was going on, Jamil said she deleted the rest of her tweets so that she could spot which of her newer ones were being deleted or not.

“Turns out it was some third-party apps that had access to my account doing it all along,” she shared.

Third-party apps are essentially apps created by people other than the manufacturer of the device you’re using.

Jamil continued, “Just know I didn’t delete my history to run from it, because a) I’ve already been dragged for all of my mistakes so that would be dumb and a bit late.

“B) I don’t shy away from my failures, I lean into them to learn how to be better.”

As someone who is passionate about accountability, Jamil just wanted to clear things up.

“And MOSTLY so that people I supported don’t think I’ve revoked that,” she concluded.

Not to mention, she also encouraged her large following to use two-factor authentication on all online profiles, to use external password protection, and to look out for when third-party apps are entering your accounts without permission.

You can read Jamil’s statement in full below.

I suddenly feel very conscious of all the third-party apps I have on my own phone now. BRB.