Jake Gyllenhaal Got Seriously Jacked For His New Movie

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to dramatic physical transformations for roles – he recently slimmed right down to play a creepy tabloid news cameraman in Nightcrawler – but it appears he’s taken a go big or go home approach to his latest movie, Southpaw.

The boxing drama was written by Sons Of Anarchy‘s Kurt Sutter, and was all set to star Eminem, until he dropped out, perhaps because he wasn’t as committed to getting as #swole as Gyllenhaal.
The first picture of the Donnie Darko actor’s transformation appeared today on Twitter. Take it all in:

Seriously, no part of this dude is now not ripped as fuck. He could easily take Hugh Jackman in the Most Vascular Performance By An Actor category, which we’re petitioning the Oscars to include next year.

Photo: Frazer Harrison via Getty Images