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A shiny gold doubloon to the sales rep that managed to get this campaign over the line, mother of god: Jaden Smith – he of the eyes not being real and etc – jetted into the country briefly and, while here, put on a Woolies uniform and picked up a shift at a store in the city. Yes really. Yes, really.

Smith, as it turns out, reportedly rocked up to the QV Woolworths location on Saturday to pull a quick shift – in full store uniform – to promote his new JUST Water; a product that claims to be made from 82% renewable resources.

While in uniform, Smith chatter with customers, stocked shelves, and (would you believe) even manned a checkout; scanning actual products and bagging up actual sales.

Jaden’s old man Will Smith posted the results of the quick shift on Instagram earlier today. Although we do now have severe questions as to how Jaden’s choice of pants fit in with Woolworths staff clothing policies.

Honestly, he doesn’t look terribly out of place there. Pretty standard-level Woolies employee for inner Melbourne.

Of course we have a few questions now:

How would he go behind the deli counter if his knives aren’t real?

Will he follow in his sister’s footsteps and whip his hair products back and forth?

Or will he instead take after dear old Dad and become a Man In Black by pulling nightfill shifts with the rest of the insomniacs?

Whatever the case, you gotta admire the commitment to obtaining an employee discount.

Way to earn that 5% off or double rewards points, my dude.

Image: Twitter / JUST Water