Rumour Has It That Shane Warne’s Son Jackson Is Headed For ‘Love Island’

Jackson Warne

Nothing gets me moist like a good bit of reality TV stunt casting, and in what might be the most inspired bit of reality TV stunt casting ever, Jackson Warne, the son of legendary loose unit Shane Warne, is rumoured to be heading to Love Island.

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20-year-old Jackson is a rising social media star in his own right, so an appearance on Love Island surely would not hurt his profile. If we don’t end up getting his dad in The Masked Singer, then I’ll certainly take this instead.

The Jackson Warne rumour was first aired out this week when Sophie Monk appeared on Fox FM‘s show Fifi, Fev and Byron. Monk revealed the new season of the show will take place in Fiji, at which point Brendan Fevola outright asked if Jackson will be joining.

Per reports in News Corp, Monk looked to a nearby publicist (always handy to have one around) and then responded: “He’s shaking his head, so no … I don’t think the show needs celebrities … you don’t need it. It’s all there.”

Right, because if anyone knows reality shows don’t need celebrities, it’s Bachelorette star Sophie Monk. Would her answer have been different had the publicist nodded? What other juicy casting details are we not being told?! The people have a right to know.

With or without Warne – although hopefully with – Love Island is back on October 9 on Nine. The show sees groups of Instagram-ready singles living under constant surveillance in a tropical villa, and they must be coupled up at all times, or face being chucked into the pit of obscurity.

The winning couple gets $50,000 and probably also a sweet sponsorship deal to promote supplements or teeth-whitening or something.