Apparently the rumour that Jackie O was earning an enviable salary that would make even Dr Evil jealous… is false.

An insider told New Idea that the rumours that Jackie O was earning close to $1M for The Masked Singer was not true and that “Dannii would flip if it were true.”

That’s because Dannii Minogue is said to be earning the highest salary of the four judges, and is on an absolutely crazy $500,000. According to the source she got the ‘Channel 10 special treatment’ with first class flights for her and her son, so they could travel from LA to Australia before the start of filming. Wow.

Channel 10 also apparently paid for the Gold Coast mansion they quarantined in for 14 days upon arrival. So let me get this straight: Channel 10 can afford to let Dannii Minogue stay in a mansion, but the contestants on Bachelor on Paradise had to slum it commando style in school camp-esque cabins???

As for Jackie O’s actual wage, she is said to be earning on par with old mate ‘Hughesy’. Both are rumoured to be on $250,000 each. Newcomer Urzila Carlson is said to be earning $100,000 for the season.

However, this is a piddly amount when you consider the $800,000 that the icon herself Lindsey Lohan was rumoured to be earning on the last season of The Masked Singer. I guess the money spent to make those fine AF costumes had to come from somewhere and it just so happened to be out of the judges’ pockets.

With all that money in the judges’ pockets, you’d think that they could at least guess some of the Masked Singer’s correctly – but a gal can only dream right?


Image: Getty Images / Handout