Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker Teased ‘Rush Hour 4’ ‘Cos The Universe Does Listen

Rush Hour 4

Twelve long, long, long years later, it looks like living legends Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are reuniting for Rush Hour 4. 

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Rush Hour first delighted people in 1998 and was followed by a second and third sequel in 2001 and 2007 respectively. Chan played Inspector Lee and Tucker starred as Detective James Carter. 

Now, it appears No. 4 is on the way.

Tucker shared a very suggestive picture on Instagram on Chan’s 65th birthday. Surprise, surprise, they don’t look a day over Rush Hour 1.


Earlier this year, Tucker said the crew were working on a script for the fourth film.

“It’s not in pre-production. We’re working on a few things [for] the script. Jackie wants to do it. I want to do it. The studio wants to do it,” he told the Winging It podcast.

“We’re trying to get it together. It looks like it’s getting together right.”

While we wait for more information about Rush Hour 4, let us all relive the wonderfully wholesome night of the 2016 Governors Award. Chan was finally awarded an honorary Academy Award after more than 200 films.

Tucker, who presented the award, thanked Chan for his friendship.

“Working with a living legend was amazing, a living legend. Every day I couldn’t wait to come to set and see Jackie Chan. I was late most of the time but when I got there, Jackie was there waiting with his legs cross saying, ‘Where’s Chris Tucker? We are late!’. But he didn’t complain, he knew I was this young kid who didn’t know his lines but he went with the flow.

… Working with Jackie got me global notoriety from the Rush Hour movies you might have seen, automatically working with a global star Jackie Chan so I was blessed.”

In his speech, Chan said he was grateful that after 56 years and so many broken bones he finally had a gold statue.

And because he is Jackie Chan, the legend shut down the orchestra when he realised he still had some people to thank.

“Last but not least, a million thanks to all my fans around the world because I have a reason to make movies, jumping out of windows, kicking and punching – breaking my bones!”

Goddamn Sylvester Stallone was recording Chan’s speech, that says it all.

This too: